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Our Emergency Medical Services in Naperville

General Preventive Medical Care

We offer complete preventive medicine services, such as blood tests and annual exams. Additionally, our doctors treat strains, backaches, colds and flu, nausea and more. Allergy injections can be administered. We also provide limited physical therapy including manipulation.

Minor Surgery and Treatment of Lacerations

Our doctors can treat patients that require laceration repairs for cuts and wound care. We also perform in-office minor surgical procedures.

Treatment of Acute Minor Illnesses

Our doctors treat patients who have acute minor illness symptoms such as cough and sinus pain. We will diagnose, educate and prescribe medications as needed.


This is one of our most common complaints. A cough can stem from viral or bacterial infections, but also from allergies, asthma, heartburn, medications and many other causes. We will educate you about the reason for the cough, when to use antibiotics, and when another treatment is appropriate. Our board-certified physicians evaluate and treat patients based on their findings. If necessary, lab studies and nebulizer treatments can be performed on-site.

Sore Throat

Sore throats often go hand in hand with a cough and are a frequent complaint. There may be numerous causes. Our physicians help you identify the source and get you feeling better. If needed, we can perform lab testing on-site.

Ear Infections

We routinely treat both middle and outer ear infections. We can help determine the cause and get you, your child or other family member on their way to feeling better.

Eye Infections

We frequently see and treat conjunctivitis, styes, corneal abrasions and foreign bodies of the eye. With the help of our state-of-the-art panoptic ophthalmoscopes, our board-certified physicians can help diagnose and treat many common eye problems.


Cold examinations begin with a detailed history and exam. Though we give antibiotics when needed, we put an emphasis on treating the symptoms. We have breathing treatments on-site if needed, to help you feel your best as soon as possible.


A temperature in a child 3 months old is treated far differently than that of a man in his thirties. We will do a complete exam and take a thorough history to uncover the cause of the fever and treat it appropriately. Along the way we will discuss warning signs and what to watch out for.

DOT/Drug Screenings

When you accept a job as a transportation employee that requires you to carry out safety-sensitive tasks in aviation, trucking, railroads, mass transit, pipelines, and other transportation businesses, you are responsible for providing a safe work-setting for your fellow employees as well as the traveling public. In addition to following established work rules, providing a safe work setting also means following the Department of Transportation's (DOT) rules on drug use and alcohol misuse.

Laboratory Services

Laboratory services are provided in conjunction with the local hospital of your choice. We will draw the necessary blood, send it to the lab and it will be billed to your insurance company. We perform urinalysis, blood glucose testing and urine pregnancy tests in the office.

Diagnostic testing in the office includes: pulmonary function analysis, osteoporosis and vascular screening, sigmoidoscopy and electrocardiograms.

School Physicals

Requirements for physicals vary based on what grade your child is entering. Here’s what you’ll need to know about school physicals to get your child ready for the 2022-23 school year.

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